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Trailer park dating

I guess because I haven’t shown her any intimacy since then, and we haven’t talked about it. However, I want to be more considerate to how she’s feeling. A couple nights ago, Jessie and I were talking about our place in the universe, and the idea of “nothingness.” We’re both curious about what brings real meaning to our lives.

I discovered extensive writing about these various archetypes and how we approach love and relationships. I wish I could just help her out with these damn headaches! After years of witnessing this as her friend, I do think Jessie lacks an ability to take control of her romantic relationships at times.

I don’t like to complain or put to negative energy onto others. She can fall in love so hard, and so fast, that I think she is occasionally blinded by shortcomings the relationship or the guy might have.

Just because I am in pain, doesn’t mean I need to be one. Some people wait their whole lives to find a “soulmate,” and then they just settle for someone who’s got a good job, or a nice apartment, or someone who will simply stay with them.

I read a lot about mythology, and part of the book I’m reading explains how women and men have both male and female sides/energies inside of them.