Start Dlink dyndns not updating

Dlink dyndns not updating

My friend had been replacing furniture and plugged any old P/S into dial up modem.

Vector full full Carrier record B43 B43 Error Counter Seconds With Not Remediable Errors (CRC) Errors (ES) Many Errors (SES) per Minute Last15 Minutes FRITZ!

Box 0 0 0 0 Central exchange 0 0 0 0 I have been trying to connect again using the Netcomm DSL cable and i keep getting that the Internet could not be connected or something like that, and due to error uknown. DSLAM throughput kbit/s 64 0Attainable throughput kbit/s 21513 6466Current throughput kbit/s 13958 2080Seamless rate adaptation off off Latency fast fast Impulse Noise Protection (INP) 58 55G.

Not a problem, I'm sure it's just as good as any other ones.

If you dont have any luck with them below is the link for the Fritzbox Australian Importers yes i have thought of that,but i wanted to see if i can reset the modem first and give it another shot with a different DSL cable, if that does not work then i will get in touch with them and give them the details and see what they come up with.

Edit: typo So, the way I understand what you have done so far:1.

A few minutes later the DSL LED changed to a solid light (the FB synced with the FTTN line, so far so good).

As above i used the Y Cable, and yes i connected the ethernet cable from the PC to the Modems port 1. One thing i haven't tried is, to try the ethernet cable in another port on the back of the modem. OS installed: 06.52, i am sure that i updated the firmware when i was connected with ADSL2 .