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Tomas Espedal has created such a unique genre in Norwegian literature.

I moved very much as a small child, and everywhere I was the new person in the class, and it was always a provincial city.

The first story presented here is “El gallo de oro” (“The Golden Cockerel”).

It tells the story of Dionisio Pinzon, who is unable to work because of his mutilated arm. One day someone gives Dionisio a half-dead rooster.

When they find a hotel, the woman refuses payment and goes to bed alone.

The way Rulfo writes this story is so relaxed and the shift into sleep and memory is fascinating.

I am dying to go to Madrid now and look at them this way.

We must describe the city we live in, the times we live in, our discussions, our politics, our loneliness.

Part of his work is all about confessions from his inner self and the daily occurrences in his life.