Start Updating bios windows xp

Updating bios windows xp

By default, Easy BCD will create a Windows XP entry via the NTLDR method described above in order to minimize confusion and because most users will not have multiple legacy entries alongside their Vista/7 installs.

Keep in mind that there’s only one active partition on disk 0, and that one and only one may exist at a time.

NTLDR can’t get its list of operating systems from anything other than the on the active partition on disk 0, so if you add another operating system to the mix, you end up with something like this: Basically, you have to go through a two-level boot menu, and you cannot – however hard you try – add both Windows XP entries to the main bootmgr boot menu. We’ve developed our own version of NTLDR, and bootmgr will load a separate copy of Easy LDR for each Windows XP entry in the menu.

Easy LDR sits quietly and invisibly in the middle, making sure everything works as expected.