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There can be no reasonable doubt that the practice of exposition came in the wake of that most epoch-making liturgical development, the Elevation of the Host in the Mass.

Before long it came to be regarded as a very meritorious act to look upon and salute the Body of the Lord.

In this way, even before the middle of the thirteenth century, all kinds of fanciful promises were in circulation regarding the special privileges enjoyed by him, who, on any day, saw the Body of his Maker.

Exposition is a manner of honouring the Holy Eucharist, by exposing It, with proper solemnity, to the view of the faithful in order that they may pay their devotions before It.

We will speak later of the conditions which constitute proper solemnity, but something must first be said of the history of the practice.

The development of these popular beliefs was also probably much assisted by a legendary element current in the romances of the Holy Grail, then at the height of their popularity.

What is certain is, that among all classes the seeing the Host, at the moment It was lifted on high in the hands of the priest, became a primary object of devotion, and various devices -- for example, the hanging of a black curtain at the back of the altar, or the lighting of torches held behind the priest by a deacon or server -- were resorted to, to make the looking upon the Body of Christ more easy.

In the fifteenth century, we find numerous synodal decrees passed, prohibiting this continuous and informal Exposition, as wanting in proper reverence.