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Honeymoon dating

On summer evenings, listen to live music and watch theater productions under the stars.

Cambria has wonderful galleries displaying local artists’ works, a live theater and music events.

The town hosts several popular festivals such as the Cambria Art and Wine Festival, the Cambria Western Dance Jamboree, and the Cambria Festival of the Trees.

Ernest Hemingway fans can visit the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, and the writer’s favorite hangout, Sloppy Joe’s Bar.

Adventure lovers can go deep sea fishing, or scuba dive to explore an ancient shipwreck on the ocean floor.

Don’t Miss: Take a tour of Hearst Castle, a magnificent hilltop estate.

Honeymoon destinations in the US - East Coast: the Hudson Valley, Delaware, romantic New Jersey and more.

If you are looking for honeymoon spots in USA on the coast, Cambria is a great place to visit.