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Sex dating in sedona arizona

Stay at the Matterhorn Inn (from $169;, with rustic-elegant decor and incredible vistas, and grab lunch at the view-tastic Tii Gavo's rooftop terrace before heading out of town.7 miles: Be sure to wear a bathing suit when you leave Sedona so you can hit up Slide Rock State Park, not far from downtown Sedona.

In Shelbyville, KY, the former headquarters of Kentucky Fried Chicken is now a restaurant started by the Colonel's wife. 22 miles: In Frankfort, KY, the more than 200-year-old Buffalo Trace Distillery offers tours (cool even to teetotalers and juniors) and tastes (not for the driver!! 79 miles: Your next overnight: Cincinnati, a town with terrific museums.

At the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, you'll learn how American slaves braved their way to freedom; nearby is the Cincinnati Museum Center, with three museums housed in the city's historic art deco train station.

The children's museum has an indoor wilderness-themed playground perfect for littles who've been cooped up in the car.

And try the city's famous chili con carne, served atop spaghetti; Camp Washington Chili has dished it up since 1940.

Spend your food coma spread out downtown at Garfield Suites Hotel (from $109;

144 miles: See the world's biggest basket (seven stories!

Nowadays you can see fluorescent minerals, Native American artifacts, and dinosaur tracks.82 miles: Once you reach Bryce Canyon National Park, take advantage of the easy trails leading down into the canyon, then walk among the countless rows of towering but delicate red rock spires.