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Middle aged women to chat with

We share a close but platonic friendship, and he was my companion on the trip to Morocco in 2005 which had resulted in my momentous decision to move there.

Many experts later said the study was irrelevant to most women.

Ten years ago, bio-identical hormones were offered only by a few specialised clinics around the world, as everyone believed conventional HRT to be safe and effective.

But this all changed after 2002 when a major study linked HRT to a much higher risk of breast cancer and heart disease.

I’ve always had a bit of a wild streak, and I was never one of life’s fitters-in.

Eschewing decent, steady men with proper jobs, I’d been involved with a succession of penniless poets, actors and singers. After all, my inamorato, Abdellatif, was a Berber tribesman from a mountain village in south-west Morocco, who looked impossibly exotic in his native turban and robes.

Seven years on, we have proved the doubters wrong and still feel as strongly about one another as we did when we first met, complementing each other neatly — two pieces of a puzzle which have somehow found one another, despite being continents apart.

Being old enough and experienced enough to understand that compromise and consideration are at the heart of successful relationships, we made the decision to share our worlds equally, spending six months in each country.

But as well as this powerful work ethic, he also had brio and style.