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The ulitimate result of the experiments conceivably could be production of food times such as tomatoes without leaves, stems or roots and steaks of controlled weight, shape and tenderness without frwoing an animal.

Aboard a spaceship, he says, it could be used as lightweight, inexpensive (10 cents a pound) cabinets, shelves, and panels. Too hard to be eaten as is, the food has to be pulverized with a tiny grinder.

2) [1964: preparing foods for Gemini missions] "Eating conventionally from a plate with a knife and fork is out of the question in space...

An astronaut drinking coffee from a cup would never get the liquid to his lips, the coffee would dance in the air in front of him as he tipped the cup.

After it is soaked for a few hours in water, says Schwartz, 'it tastes like breakfast cereal toped with bananas.