Start Free foot fetish dating with no sign up

Free foot fetish dating with no sign up

She was angry with me and said she was going to have to punish me.

I am going to wrap this ribbon around the shaft of your penis but leave the head of it exposed so you can urinate.

Then I'll pull the ribbon through the crack of your ass and secure it around your waist, leaving your penis pulled securely back toward your asshole.

I think I'll call you Melissa Louise Reynolds after Grandma and your mother.

There is a lot we have to do to finish your transformation. Bring me the roll of pink satin ribbon from the box in the closet. If it works, you'll not only have a womanly appearance in front, but it will f***e you to sit like a woman if you have to pee.

I also have this special adhesive which will attach them to your body permanently.

It can only be removed by a chemical solution which I will not tell you about nor supply you with until I return from my honeymoon.

She said that I had violated her privacy and that a simple apology was not enough. She told me she was going to show me what it was really like to be a girl.