Start White girl dating a mexican

White girl dating a mexican

As a result I had very few female Hispanic friends, but the ones I had were cool as hell!

Just like all good men come in different colors the bad ones do to. :p But I'm all pro for Interracial Relationship:thumbsup: Have to chime in and say AA women are NOT the only ones who say this about their men when their men date outside the Race.

I am married to a hispanic man,and I have always been attracted to hispanic men,but I always wonder what the hispanic women think about white women with hispanic men? @#$ Think they are taking all our good men" comments like that would not get me angry what would get me angry would be why do they all consider us "Mexican" Just bc we speak spanish does not mean we are "Mexican" LOL sorry I went on a different subject!

:blah: I dated an African American guy and I know Many of his Female friends which were African American too would always make comments like "Who do these Mexican B!

The Hispanic women (most of them anyways) were not very happy with their men dating women of other races.